Treating Anxiety


I’ve never spoken about this on the page, but anxiety and panic disorder are things which seem to affect more people than I had realised.

Going back to my Uni days, I would have full-blown 10/10, black-out, limb-curling, tingling panic attacks where I literally thought I was going to die, and I always assumed I was alone.

I always thought “there’s no way people can feel like I do”, because it literally consumed my entire life and made me miserable beyond belief for years. Totally consumed in wondering why this was happening to me and whether or not there was anything physically wrong with me – it was impossible to escape. Years went by and the best medication was the beach, as well as doing things which made me happy – which no amount of anti-depressants could do.

I say all this because after 7 years, it’s crept back up on me, and I want everyone who messages us on here and via Hempassion to know that you’re not alone, and to speak freely and openly about a disease/disorder which generally isn’t taken seriously by people who’ve never experienced extreme anxiety, which is fair to be honest because it sounds like something which doesn’t actually exist – and it doesn’t, that’s what we all need to try and remember.


  • Meditate (I used to make fun of this, but believe me, try it – highly recommend the “Headspace” app)
  • Use CBD
  • Take a moment in the day to do one thing that makes you genuinely happy

It will still be hard, but remember, you are the master of your own thoughts.

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